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Author Topic: Do you ever feel like the Universe is beating you over the head with a message?  (Read 2732 times)

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I think maybe I'm not paying attention to what the Universe is trying to tell me.

BG:  I don't *need* to work but thought I might *like* to work now that the kids are a little older.  I'm a SAHM with 3 high school aged kids. 

I've been feeling really overwhelmed just with running the normal daily lives of my household.

  I have been looking for a job related to my degree for about two years with no luck in finding something that would make me really happy.( PLUS - it looks like I would need to do some additional schooling at this point - there is an information session about a 14 week course that would meet this requirement coming up next week - I only have to attend one day a week for the fourteen weeks...maybe this would help me find a more suitable job??)

  I have been teaching odd little classes here and there related to a hobby that I enjoy.  Those have been fun, but very stressful in terms of getting everything ready to go, etc.

  I have been trying to get classes set up in a new hobby that I REALLY enjoy.  I have some class sessions scheduled with a local art center, but had to cancel the first session becasue only one person enrolled - we are hoping this is just due to lack of promotion/exposure and are trying to remedy the situation.

  I just got an e-mail from a friend who said she's just been hired to teach classes at an art center near her for the same type of class I just had to cancel.

Is the Universe telling me just to stay home, stop looking for a job, run my house, and enjoy my hobby for what it is - a hobby?

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Maybe the universe is trying to tell you that you haven't found 'it' yet, and to keep looking.  How about starting by taking your friend's class.  Maybe you two can set up a team thing in some way (unrelated to her class...I'm not suggesting you edge into her arrangement.)
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Yes, I feel that way right now.  I'll keep the particulars to myself since it's a potentially sensitive subject here, but suffice to say the universe appears to be indicating that the path I want will cost me dearly, while the path it "wants" for me seems to be lined with consolation prizes.

I think if you're willing to accept the costs of doing something you believe will make you happy, then keep pushing.  But if you feel that pushing will eventually turn you sour on your chosen goal, it might not be worth spoiling the good feelings you have now.

On the plus side, nothing says you have to make a final decision now.  :)  See if the increased publicity brings you more enrollment for the next session and in the meantime keep building your skills and knowledge of the new hobby.  Maybe what the universe is saying is "not yet..."


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i'm with bijou.

maybe you need to persevere in this direction, maybe you need to do something else.

hugs... it's frustrating when it feels like *everything* is working against you.

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I don't really believe in signs.

I believe that our desired route in life is sometimes strewn with potholes, but that doesn't mean we don't keep driving. We just get better shock absorbers or toughen our butt.


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My mother and I have, over the years frequently exclaimed to each other "it's a sign!" when something occurs to forward or make possible something desired.  We mean it light heartedly, and it is used only in a "good sign" context by us.  Much as we read horoscopes - if it sounds good, hey positive sign!  If a horoscope sounds not so good, well, horoscopes are not all that reliable.

For the times the universe is not strewing my desired path with roses, but with obstacles, I try (don't always succeed) to see if there are lessons to learn from the challenges, and/or evaluate if my desire to reach an objective is matched by my willingness to exert an effort, make a change, adapt - or if it shows me that I *don't* want something as much as it would cost (figuratively or literally) to get it.

In your situation, I suggest stepping back a bit from focussing on specific optional pursuits and thinking more generally about what you "want" and "why".  If you find that what you want is more time to pursue creative efforts on your own, there are opportunities outside a job or teaching - but if what you want is the experience of sharing and applying your knowledge collaboratively with others and helping others develop skills, then teaching through a job, or program, whether paid or volunteer, would probably bring you more satisfaction.

You mention running your house is stressing, are there things you could "outsource" or delegate?  Either hiring help with house cleaning, or getting your kids (teens?) to take on assigned organizational or logistical assignments and responsibilities?   Think about the functions you most enjoy doing, and least enjoy doing and consider all options for reducing the amount of time you personally spend on things you dislike, including to what extent it would matter to you if someone took on a responsibility but did it "differently" than you would.

When you have taught classes, and felt some stress, was that offset by your enjoyment of the experience, or was the main benefit that you were trying some new activities which might lead to something you actively do enjoy?

The only "sign" I think matters immediately is that you are interested in new pursuits.  You don't have to decide immediately what those new pursuits will be or consist of - and you are actively engaged in considering your options.  Persevere in finding what you want to add/remove from your "plate" and make any changes you deem worthwhile which you know will further you towards your goals.
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I had the strangest experience when I was younger.  Maybe about 12 or 13.  My family was christian, but it never really took with me.  I was pretty apathetic.

I was being bugged by the number 28.  It was stuck in my head for a while.  Like when you have something important coming up?  It was an anxious and impatient feeling.   It started earlier in the month and just kept building up.  And I had this feeling that the 28th was really important.  All month.

At the same time I had finished reading all of my books except:
1. The Dictionary
2. The Encyclopedias
3.  A Children's bible
So for the first time ever I was working on reading the bible.

Finally the 28th rolled around and I woke up feeling anxious like something was going to happen that day.  I felt odd all day.  Then in the afternoon I head some strange sounds from outside.  I couldn't see anything, but I kept hearing things.  When I was finally too curious, I got the dog and was ready to go find out what was going on.  As I did so I head singing.  You know the stereotypical heavens opening up and angels singing sound?  Just like that.  It was surreal.  I headed over towards the noise.  For the first and last time, a church choir had set up in the community center parking lot for recruiting.  I was the only one there as they began.

And I was this it?  I'm reading the bible and a church group comes over on the day I've been waiting for all month?  And I get a private performance?  And they offer to drive me to and from church each week (with my parent's permission)?  Is it some sign that I should be going to church?

So I did what any apathetic preteen would do and I went home and continued reading.  The next night dad came home with the first Harry Potter book.  I didn't finish reading the bible and I didn't go back to church.  But  that day still stands out in my head as one of the main reasons I can't say I'm an atheist. 

It doesn't sound like much , but it felt really important at the time.  There was a lot of anticipation and build up.  and nothing like that ever happened again.  And 10+ years later I still remember it and still think about it.  And keep telling myself I should go to church.
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I don't really believe in signs.

I believe that our desired route in life is sometimes strewn with potholes, but that doesn't mean we don't keep driving. We just get better shock absorbers or toughen our butt.

Or we learn to steer better.

Someone could look at these same things and see other signs--that there *is* a future in teaching your hobby, but that maybe this isn't the venue/organization to link up with. Or that the surge in attendance *will* come, and this OTHER art place is a good place to look for info.