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I have two little girls, and I would like to make sure they have good table manners.  I try to model good manners and correct them when I see bad manners, but I notice my oldest is developing some bad habits that I would like to break.  Any ideas for some creative ways to teach good table manners?  Right now, I feel like my constant correcting is just making things worse.

My kids loved the Bearstein Bear books, many of which dealt with manners and etiquette.  In fact, I think one dealt with table manners!

If it's smacking, or something else that seriously impacts the other diners I think constant correction is your only good option.

Other habits and manners, try to focus on one item at a time, get that sorted out, give some time, then work on the next.

Is there an etiquette class for children in your area? That might be helpful.

I read this article recently and thought it was a good approach. It helped with my son.


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