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So, souvenir time and how I should give them :D

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A few weeks ago I came back from the other side of the world with a few gifts for friends (mostly roommates) and had been waiting for my one roommate to come back from the States to hand them all out.

My problem is with giving one of my gifts to a non-roommate friend, who just recently attended a funeral. I'd been planning to ask him and a mutual friend for dinner sometime this week, but at the same time give him his gift as well. I worry that it may still be a sensitive time and I'm not sure how to go along with this. Thoughts?

I don't quite understand what the funeral and the gift have to do with eachother? Does the gift have something to do with death (like a Dia De Los Muertos lolly) or something? 

I think it would cheer your friend up in this sad time to know that while you were on vacation, you thought of him.

I'm just worried it's a "too soon" thing. And the whole funeral thing was something I learned only a few days ago. :/

The gift isn't related to death (unless you come from my ethincity's culture, where it may be deigned to be symbolic to it).

I guess I should also ask this as well: should I not mention anything remotely about the funeral if I do manage to get our mutual friend along? I don't know if my friend wants to talk about it in front of someone who doesn't know.

A funeral is not a shameful secret that need not be discussed.

Let your friend lead, but I think it should be mentioned. Many people mention feeling like no-one recognises the passing of someone so try to avoid that. Just don't dwell on it if they don't want to.

And just give the gift. It is a nice gesture.

You can also seperately offer your condolences.

The best thing to do is make the dinner invitation.  If your friend is uncomfortable, he can just decline. 

Attending a funeral doesn't mean life stops.  Depending on how close the deceased was, your friend might appreciate getting back to a normal routine. 


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