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I am apparently out of luck.  My hostess turns the heat off at night because she doesnt like the sound it makes! :o

Well, I have an electric heater on in my room all night long pretty much.  I dont like the sound it makes but i woukd rather not freeze!

Using the bathroom is still kind of an issue but she agreed to let me use her bathroom at night as it is just outside my bedroom door, so at least I dont have to  walk through the cold house to get to mine.  And hers might be just a bit warmer because it has only one outside all instead of two.

Tea Drinker:
If it's really a noise issue, would she be willing to turn the heat up for an hour or two before bedtime, so the house will take longer to cool down?

Separate from that, this definitely belongs in a review on the Airbnb site: "The house gets cold at night, and host refuses to leave the heat on when asked, because she doesn't like the sound it makes. Blankets are much too thin, especially for a room that gets down to 50F/10C on winter nights."


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