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S/O Thermostat Setting Thread - what is yours at?

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As a spin-off to the thermostat thread in "Life In General," I'm curious to know what setting you keep your thermostats on in winter when you are home & awake. I'll start. I keep mine at 72 deg. F whenever I'm home, awake or asleep. I have an away setting that lets it go down to 64.

It really depends on the time of day, so no vote from me.  But, overall, we keep the house pretty cool.

60F during the day (even though I am home right now).  I just put on slippers and a robe and deal with it being a tad cool.  And the kitties have fur coats.
65F in the evening, when we are both home and puttering around the house.
57F at night as DH and I both like to sleep in a pretty cool room.

If we have company, we crank it up to 70F because it seems a better temp for more people.

Outdoor Girl:
Winter, it is at 21C (which is about 70F) when I'm home.  When I'm sleeping or away, I set it 17C (which is about 63F).  I'd set it to 15C but I'd be worried about my kitties being too cold.

Summer, I keep the thermostat at 25C (77F) when I'm away.  Then when the price of power goes down at 5:00 pm, I have the thermostat programmed to lower it to 24C (75F).  Then it lowers again to 23C (73F) at bedtime and one further step down to 22C (72C) at about 1:00 am.  I was finding I was waking up in a sweat at that point so having it kick in again fixed that.  I think it was related to hot flashes.   :P  I would keep it cooler in the summer but I'm too energy conscious so I just strip down to shorts and tees when I get home from work.  It's cool enough when I'm just sitting around.

(Conversion for F to C:  subtract 32 and multiply by 5, divide by 9; conversion for C to F:  multiply by 9, divide by 5 and add 32)

(To get the symbol to show up, on a Windows computer, Alt 248 - it accesses the Ascii code)

I would love to set them to 72 but DH would sweat. He'd prefer 68 but I'd freeze. One nice thing about the house we're renting is that they've got separate heat pumps for each level so we compromised on 70 downstairs (I'm home all day, he's not) and 68 upstairs where the bedrooms are. I've got an electric blanket so that works for me.

In the summer we set the air conditioning for 78, if I recall.

rose red:
We're keeping it at 68 right now.  A little chilly, but the heating bill is manageable.  In the Summer, we keep it at 74-78 depending on the time of day.  I like it lower, but again, the bill.


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