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S/O Thermostat Setting Thread - what is yours at?

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I keep it at 72 in winter when we are home and awake, 65 at night. We have no A/C, so in the summer it is whatever it is.

60 in the winter.  If I get too cold I go in the hot tub :-).

We have no central A/C, but do have one wall-mounted A/C in the living room.  We've probably used it a dozen times in the past 14 years.  During the summer all doors/windows and sliders are open and the ceiling fans are running.  It probably stays mid-80s on the hottest days.

We keep ours at 65 during the day and turn it down to 60 at night. I wear sweats or a heavy bathrobe around the house, and we have blankets around if I need an extra layer while I'm watching TV or something. We both like to sleep in a cool room, so turning it down at night saves on the heat bill and we stay comfortable.

65 during the winter unless one of the DDs crank it up a bit. They set it at 68 and I can really tell the difference! (It's funny how I notice a 3deg change.) When they turn it up I'll sleep with my window cracked open a bit.

In the summer, I won't turn on the central air until the house is at 78. I think that's because there's usually a nice breeze going through that keeps the air moving.

The thermostat is set to about 67, but we use the furnace as a backup and use the woodstove as the primary. With the woodstove, we keep the house about 71 degrees. Warm enough for me to be able to use my hands.


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