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Another baby question!

Quick background for those who didn't read my last thread, my SIL is pregnant and due in less than a week now. I am holding a Welcome The Baby party for her in March once she and Baby are feeling up to it.

Now, my husband's family is kind of ... lacking in the social niceties at times. Every one of the ladies I will be inviting from his side have shown up sick at one event or another. It's also the middle of cold and flu season, and I don't want my precious niece to get sick (neither does my SIL, of course). Is there any polite way to ask people not to attend if they are ill, or do I just put up with it and put out prettily decorated containers of hand sanitizer?

My mom has said to put something like "In light of cold and flu season, we ask that you plan to meet (NAME) at another time if you are feeling under the weather." on the invitation but I don't know whether that's actually polite or not.

pearls n purls:
I'd include it, especially since the guests have shown up at other events when they were ill.

I think that is a great way to do it. Sometimes people need a gentle reminder. I like the wording.

Ilike the wording.

I would still put out sanitizer and maybe tell SIL to keep baby away from people as much as she can - she can start practicing her baby bean dips: "oh, [name] is a bit colicky, i'll hold her for now", "oh she is spitting up a lot, let me hold on to her for now", "she needs her nap now, let's go and talk in the other room <gently shooing person out of the room>"

Include it and don't worry about offending someone.  They should understand.

However, I think maybe I would also postpone the party until Baby is at least 3 months old.  I'm not an alarmist helicopter parent type, but I do believe in sticking close to home for the first several months.  It's easier on the parents and the baby.


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