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Kid's Public Meltdowns - The funny stories

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The thread on public parenting made me remember a few times when I did wonder "What are people thinking of me" while parenting.  Or the kids just had a meltdown that ended up a favorite family story. 

The one I still chuckle about wasn't even my kid but a good friend's son.

Three moms decided to take our kids to an amusement park for a day.  The 7 kids ranged from 8 to 4 in age, with the 4 year old being a world champion whiner we'll call Sam. Sam had been putting on a good show all day about not wanting to drink anything other than soda and his mom had finally put her foot down and declared "water only" after late afternoon snack.  Sam has a meltdown at dinner and makes a big show about just sucking on ice since he doesn't like "water" and his mom won't buy him a soda. We made sure the other kids didn't enlighten him to the ingredients in water.  At around 7, we decide it's time to leave.  To get back to our car, we have to take one of the shuttle buses from the park entrance out to the parking lot.  While we are waiting for the shuttle one of the mom's asks the kids if they are thirsty and she'll buy them a bottle of water.  All of us except Sam ask for a bottle and Sam goes into whining mode about wanting a soda.  Mom says no, he can have water if he's thirsty.  The bus arrives and we all climb aboard, everyone clutching a bottle of water but Sam. Sam proceeds to go into full dramatic mode, London Stage worthy, about how he is dying of thirst and no one will give him anything to drink, and he's only had ice all day, and he's going to get sick if he doesn't get a bottle of WATER right then.  I've always wondered what the other people on the bus thought when 3 adult women and 6 kids all burst out laughing to the point of tears in our eyes over a poor, dehydrated, 4 year old.

So what is your favorite "kid meltdown" moment that you witnessed, had to endure from your child, or even better, perpetrated on your guardian.   

Favourite meltdown? My daughter (2 at the time) shrieking from the living room "Mummy, mummy, HELP, I'm BLEEDING, I need a PLAAAAASTEEEEER!"

Me (dabs and sniffs): "Sweetie, that's raspberry juice."

Her: "... oh."

We were trying to get professional photos done with two toddlers and a preteen. They are all cousins. There were 4 adults in the room, and each kid had at least one parent present. It was kind of hilarious how the kids' tempers fed off each other.

Toddler 1: I'm hungry.
Toddler 2: MOMMY I'M HUNGRY!
Preteen: Yeah, I'm hungry too.
Toddler 2: *screams*
Preteen: *starts to cry*
Toddler 1: *shrieks* I WANT A BISCUIT.
Toddler 2: *throws herself on the floor, kicking and screaming*
Toddler 1: *stares in horrified fascination at Toddler 2, so shocked that he actually stops whining*
Preteen: *crying* Mom I'm soooo hungry!
Toddler 2: I WANT APPLESAUCE! *still shrieking magnificently*
Toddler 1: *still staring in shock*
Toddler 1: *the thought of applesauce has finally penetrated his dazed trance* MOOOOOOOOOOM, I WANT APPLESAUCE!
Preteen: *stops crying, starts stamping foot* I want applesauce too! Moooooom!

Parents: *staring in dazed confusion*

Each of the kids had eaten no more than an hour before, for the record. I have never seen such a thing ever before or since.

This one didn't happen in public but I still thought it was pretty funny.  The poor kid must have been very tired.  The events are as follows:

Chicken is served for dinner.

My 5-year old puts honey on her plate.

Then she starts freaking out because there is honey on her plate

Then she remembers she LOVES honey on chicken and eats with gusto

DH and I had this look on our faces for the 1-2 minutes this performance lasted -  ???

I'm trying to think of a public one that made me laugh but I'm usually just mortified my kids are acting like that.  :P

My DD was suitably cringe worthy in her day, I'm sure, but since I didn't take her on until she was 10, I don't know about all the little kid stuff.

However, my mom was nanny to a young child when I was in high school, and I baby sat him on weekends and in the evening occasionally for pocket money. I remember one memorable weekend we had gone (me, mom, my teenaged sister, and the youngin') to a museum nearby that had a free family day every weekend, and a really great kids area with hands on exhibits and lots of fun things to do. I was in charge of the youngin', as I was getting paid.

One exhibit they had was 'mothers and babies', with pictures of mothers and children through the ages, and the children were removable (like those wooden puzzles for small children). The idea was, you took them all out, and put them back where they belonged (using shapes and painting styles as a guide). They had the names of the painting on the back, just in case you got stumped. One was a Jesus and Mary. For some reason, the youngin' loved the Jesus piece, a lot. He didn't want to put it in the painting, but wanted to use it as a puppet and play with it. We kept telling him he had to put it in, so we could move on and let other kids play too. He refused. Eventually I just pried it out of his hand, put it in the painting slot, and tried to pick him up to move on (he was about 22 months at the time). He started wailing "Jeeeeeeeeeesus!! I love Jeeeeeeeeeesus!!! Give me Jeeeeeeeeeesus!!!" at the top of his little lungs.

I was so glad his parents weren't there. They are sternly atheists, and this just may have sent them over the edge if they didn't know what was going on.


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