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Alaskan Cruise

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My best friend and I are planning a cruise to Alaska with our DH's.  We want to go in May.

any advice?

We are currently debating leaving from either Seattle or Vancouver.   

Be sure to take the train up to Fairbanks- Denali should not be missed! Check the schedules, though- winter season (mid-September to mid-May) the train only runs to Fairbanks on Saturday.

We've done two Alaska cruises and enjoyed them thoroughly.w

How long will your cruise be?  What lines are you considering?

Please provide more information. 

May is a good time to go, the prices are cheaper. My personal fave is Celebrity, but I've been on most of the other lines.  Norwegian is a good value for your money.  Holland is nice, but it does cater to an older more traditional crowd.  If you want an all inclusive cruise Crystal is FANTASTIC but expensive.

I like leaving from Vancouver, you get the inside passage that way

My father in law did an alaskan cruise with RCI- they're doing a lot of ship upgrades recently too. I've cruised with them 4 times and always had great trips- they're particularly good for mixed age group crowds and people that like lots of activities to do.


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