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Sign Of The Times:
Hi so, I'm new and I have read the rules, but I'm not sure whether / where new contributors are supposed to introduce themselves. So I'm Sign! Have lurked here off and on for the past few days.

Swissotel (a chain of resorts and hotels internationally) has released an Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette. This is an interactive guide to various etiquette customs throughout the world. ("World" being wherever the chain has a presence; sorry Canada.)

My own spot-inspection suggests this is a fine guide. I know for a fact that you never show people the bottoms of your shoes in Russia. (I'm American.) Other customs seem to be okay.


I found that link really interesting! Though not sure if it is correct that the 'thumbs up' is an obscene gesture in my home country of Australia! Unless you are doing it sarcastically that is!

Sign Of The Times:
G'day, Silver!

Yes, that one does seem odd. I mainly appreciate the tipping guidelines.

Checked out the UK section.

I'm a bit confused by the "Mash peas with a fork" tip - I don't know anyone who does that!!

Under Cuba, how would you 'point with lips'?


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