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Healthy snacks? I need some variety!

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I have a bad habit of getting into a rut with my food and eating the same thing over and over again, until I'm sick of it. I've been working hard to break myself of it and have had good luck with my meals. But I'm still in a serious rut with my snacks. I do a morning and afternoon snack as part of my Weight Watchers. I used to do celery with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge and carrots with hummus, but I got tired of both of those. Right now I alternate between apple slices with peanut butter, yogurt (sometimes with some granola in it), and popcorn. (Plus sometimes some whole fruit, like a banana.)

I'm getting tired of all of those. I really need some variety! Anyone have suggestions of some nice healthy snacks I can work into my routine? I have access to a fridge and a microwave at work, so that's not an issue, but I need something that isn't too complicated to put together and eat at work.

I liked half a red bell pepper sliced into strips, and a polly-o string cheese.
A cup of hot tea with some honey, or an instant hot chocolate or coffee.
A packet of instant oatmeal or cup-o-soup

For me, I avoided fat free yogurt because it was not satisfying, and things with sugar or artificial sweetners.  Vegetables or fresh fruit, food with fiber and water that was consumed slowly was always more satisfying and filling.  Protein, too.  I tried to avoid "snack packs" and things with carbs.  I found savory things like soup filled me  up and held me through for a while, longer than crackers/cookies or anything with carbs and sugar.  (not that I'm the healthiest eater the rest of the time, but when I'm really following the diet, that's always worked better for me.)  Warm beverages, too.

I pay attention to protein because I find that satisfies me longer. So to ward off those afternoon downers, I take a 16-ounce jar (that formerly held the TJ peanut butter), fill it 3/4 with my favorite nonfat milk and add a couple of heaping tablespoons of TJ's soy protein powder, then shake it. Drinking that fills me up and keeps me going along zippily.

Another option, depending on what type of calories you are looking for, is to take a handful of tortilla chips, top them with some shredded cheese (Cheddar, goat, etc.), then microwave them. Quickly add salsa and nonfat or lowfat goat yogurt for plenty of tang. You can even throw on chopped green onions, red bell pepper, some sliced olives, chopped tomatoes even a couple of slices of avocado. Have all these already prepared so all you need to do is toss them on and enjoy.

Oh Joy:
How about sliced tomatoes and Laughing Cow* with a drizzle of basalmic vinegar and a crack of black pepper?  Quick to assemble in a covered bowl in the morning, holds well until snacktime, and tastes fresh and tangy.

Just made mine an hour ago.   ;)

Any food types you're trying to include or avoid? 

*I always have LC in the house, but this is especially yummy with a chevre.

dont' have the same thing every day. try:
sunday: a 100 cal snack - granola bar, pretzels, etc
monday: peanut butter and apple
tuesday: banana and yoghurt
Wednesday: carrot and hummus
Thursday: oatmeal (mix in a ziploc bag 2 part rolled oats, one part instant oats, pinch or more of cinamon, handful of craisins, sweetener if you like. when ready to eat, put three tablespoons in a cup, add boiling water and a little milk, cover and let it sit for about 5 minutes. yum and sooo filling).
Friday: cheese and fruit
Saturday: laughing cow and cherry tomatoes.

Other options: hard boiled egg, fruit, sandwich, rice cakes and hummus/cheese/peanut butter


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