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Healthy snacks? I need some variety!

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Yogurt with granola is super yummy, its also a great mid-afternoon snack because yogurt keeps you full(er) longer

I also buy whole wheat waffles, toast them and spread with peanut butter and drizzle with honey.  It satisfies the crunch and sweet factor in the mid afternoon.

Roasted chickpeas are so yummy! If you do a google search on those, you can find lots of different seasoning combinations. My favorites to make are cayenne pepper and Old Bay, or cinnamon and ginger!

I second the hard boiled eggs. I'm not supposed to eat much salt, so instead I dip the egg into a mixture of paprika and dill. Very yummy and lots of protein.

My coworker told me about this snack, buying want to wait until grapes are a little less expensive before I try it. She sprinkles some sugar-free grape Jello powder over a handful of grapes and freezes them.

I often eat string cheese and cucumbers when I'm at work. The soup is a good idea too!

White grapes are super yummy frozen

Have you tried those Special K popped chips? They're yummo.

Do you like the Pointless Soup on WW? I make a version of it myself. If you want a protein kick, add some beans or put a bit of cheese on top (that will obviously end the no-point part).

A hard-boiled egg could be a good snack.

Ditto the extra variety of veggies: baby bell peppers, cucumber spears/slices, radish, jicima, etc. You could also make yourself a wrap using veggies and lettuce cups or large leaves (collard greens or something).

I agree with the suggestion of nuts (an excellent dip can be made of pine nuts, lemon juice, garlic, and a bit of H2O in the food processor. . . it's sort of like aioli).

Have you tried the carrot flavor shakes? There's a bag of baby carrots with a little packet of seasoning and you shake 'em together. There's a bit of sodium in it, but it's low-cal and fabulously good.

Oh Joy:

--- Quote from: cicero on January 17, 2013, 08:45:28 AM ---...
Thursday: oatmeal (mix in a ziploc bag 2 part rolled oats, one part instant oats, pinch or more of cinamon, handful of craisins, sweetener if you like. when ready to eat, put three tablespoons in a cup, add boiling water and a little milk, cover and let it sit for about 5 minutes. yum and sooo filling).

--- End quote ---

I do this, too.  Goes to work well, and travels nicely (you can run plain water through your in-room coffee maker or pack a tiny immersion heater).  My only twist is that I put powdered milk in the baggie instead of adding fresh.  It's pretty adaptable to different fruits and spices as well...even a few chocolate chips!   ;D


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