Etiquette School is in session! > "Have you tried the bean dip?"

Just another good instance of Bean Dip


We were out shopping this past weekend and driving around in my husband's sports car.

He floored it on a turn, squealing the tires and causing the car to shimmy, which caused me to freak out a bit. While I was giving him a lecture, he said, "Ooh look! Ice cream!"

and from the back seat, I heard, "Way to try and BEAN DIP, Papa, but it's not going to work!" from the 10 year old.

And the three of us laughed - where would we be without E-hell and their phrases? It's funny how my family all understands the bean dip now.

Mental Magpie:
Haha!  Love it!  8)

I now have the Stork (my mom) talking about Special Snowflakes!

How funny!  Hopefully, my ehell education will rub off on DH and DS.


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