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Politely Refusing Work Baby Shower

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--- Quote from: delabela on January 19, 2013, 02:45:13 PM ---Although I fully understand your reticence, and I absolutely respect where you're coming from, I think that there's also an element of needing to accept what others do for you gracefully.  It's entirely appropriate to ask that no gifts be given, since you have a supervisory role.  However, it seems to me that if they really want to do a small party, it would be best to accept - at some point the refusal makes it a bigger deal than it needs to be.

--- End quote ---
i agree

if you really don't want them to throw this for you - then maybe you should throw your own party (as others suggested)

and i also think that people *will* give gifts or at least will want to. want to - not because they *have* to but because they want to.

For the managers here, may I offer my opinion?

I'm 1 of 6 cooks in a local school lunchroom. Our manager is a hard worker, a patient and consistantly fair boss, and a good woman. She has been through several life events (becoming a grandmother, her Mom's passing, marriage). To commemorate these events, we have given her something as a sign of our respect and admiration.

I bet it's the same feeling behind what your workers are wanting to give to you too!

Another idea is to agree to a shower find away to make it not cost much.
For examples, you could provide some blank bibs and ask that people decorate them.
Or bring their best piece of baby advice.
Or have a baby book shower...pick out their favorite baby book.

That way they can support and celebrate you without it feeling like the lesser paid people have to pay for the higher paid people's baby gifts.


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