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Author Topic: Babysitting and Haircuts  (Read 48644 times)

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Re: Babysitting and Haircuts
« Reply #120 on: January 23, 2013, 12:14:02 PM »
their mother CAN do their hair, and does sometimes. But he's also responsible for HER hair. They made a deal when she wanted to cut off her waist length hair and he wanted it to stay. Now he shampoos, conditions and braids her hair everyday

Ew.  I would never, ever, in a million years, consent to that.

Why not? What's gross about it? Moms do it for their daughters every day, so why is it gross for a dad to do the same thing?

I would love someone else styling my hair, but I would feel really weird having someone else wash my hair every day. I don't find it gross, just odd. It also seems like it would be a not insignificant time commitment/scheduling issue.

I'm the opposite.  I've told my hair stylist that if I ever win a huge lottery, I would pay her to wash my hair every morning.  She does a head massage and has such a gentle touch!  I'm in heaven when I get my hair shampooed before a cut!  I'd love to start every morning that way! :D

As for the MIL, she overstepped her bounds.  I think a frank discussion and keeping an eye on her future actions are definitely called for, and no more 'alone time' with the grandkids.  The lying shows that she can't be trusted.  My opinion is that she needs to earn that trust back before she gets alone time with the grandkids again. 

I have two boys ... five and 10.  I let them choose their own hair styles within reason.  During the summer they want me to shave their hair ... cooler for the sports activities.  In the winter, they tend to grow it out ... keeps their heads warmer.  DH likes their hair longer (not shaved) and is always telling them to grown it out.  I told him that young kids have so little control over their lives that I think our boys can decide how long they want their own hair!   He made the mistake of telling them that they "looked better" after they grew their hair out for the last few months.  I called him on it ... they may look nice, they may look different ... they definitely do not "look better" ... since they look fine no matter what the length of their hair.  He did apologize for that comment (he said it in front of the boys so he apologized to them also).