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Softly Spoken:
Hey all,
I have been thinking recently about the challenges of navigating the newer ways of communicating - email and text messaging.
I seem to be in an interesting demographic in that I am fairly teach savvy, but I actually witnessed it's evolution instead of growing up with it like the newer generation. So I lived without a cell phone for a long time, then I got one "for emergencies." Now, I don't live and die by it but I would be quite put out if I left it at home.

I recently met a guy online (thought of putting this in the "dating" section but I think my etiquette question applies to other relationships). Until I met him, I was not a texter. Maybe one or two to my friend but that's it. He likes communicating by text and I don't mind it, but I have no idea what the etiquette is for texting - or if there is any! :-\

My biggest question when it comes to electronic communication is one of time: how soon should you respond and how soon should you expect an answer? If you can't answer right away, should you send a quick message saying as much? Or apologize for the delay when you finally answer? :-[
Expectations are mentioned often on this forum - what are people's expectations when they send and email or text? When should you apologize for not responding or responding late? What constitutes late, i.e. what is the "turnaround" for electronic communication?

Punctuality has always been an important aspect of etiquette, but the speed at which we are able to communicate these days makes it harder to gauge what is considered "late," and what is considered appropriate.

Any similar experiences/thoughts?

You get it when you get it.

I think if you can reply immediately, its nice to do so, but its on par with email.  You might not see it immediatley, and that's ok.  Normal people have patience and understand that.

When I text someone, I'm assuming they won't necessarily see it for quite a while. If I want to get a message to someone immediately, I call. Likewise, when I get a text, I respond when it's convenient. If someone needs to get a hold of me right away, they can call. I hate talking on the phone, but I do it when I have to.

I'd say within a day or so is what I usually do and expect.

If they work during the day then you could assume that they could read your text in the morning, at lunch and while getting off work, but that doesn't mean they'll have time to respond. Some people can read it anytime their phone rings, to check it's not work related, but they might not be allowed to, or won't, answer if it's not.
Unless you know they turn off their phone or mute them no text between 11pm and 7am (depending on the person, work schedule..).
I would expect an answer in between 24h.


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