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Cleaning out the office fridge aka 'you tossed out my food!'

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So, I was very bad and breached etiquette this afternoon - or at the very least didn't handle something the best possible way.   

b/g  It's been a shocking few weeks (or months really) at work with long hours and lots of pressure. 

Today I took time out to have lunch with friends but had to be back by 1pm for a meeting (which was scheduled after I'd arranged the lunch with friends).  As it happens the restaurant, which usually has really quick service, was very busy so the food took a while.  They weren't expecting a busy day as I'd asked when I got there - early, because of the meeting.

By the time I had to leave, I hadn't finished my lunch so I got it packaged up to take-away (which is allowed here and perfectly acceptable, I know it's frowned upon in some places).  When I got back to work I put it in the lunchroom fridge and went straight to the meeting.

Essentially the afternoon went from one meeting to another, with lots of things in between, no time for coffee or even a glass of water until finally I was able to leave at nearly 6pm.  Looking forward to a glass of wine and my lunch leftovers for dinner. 

Well, you already know what happens next - the title is a dead giveaway!  Sure enough, my food had been thrown out.  There was a notice on the fridge saying it was to be cleared out by 4pm that day, and asks that people label everything in the fridge or else it will be thrown out.  Of course the notice wasn't there just before 1pm when I put food in, and in my frantic afternoon I never visited the lunchroom so didn't have an opportunity to see it.

I saw red  >:(  And I wrote a few comments on the fridge sign  :(    Now I feel bad because I know the people that work there are not mean spirited and wouldn't intentionally try to upset people, but certainly I think it was bad planning and just thoughtless.  My comments weren't abusive, no swear words or anything like that but they certainly express my unhappiness.

So my dilemma, do I remove the fridge notice with my cranky comments, or leave it?  If I remove it, other people who have had their food thrown away won't know what's happened.  But if I leave it, I might upset someone who was probably well intentioned (if a little thoughtless IMHO). 

Your thoughts?

Can you strike it out? Or if the sign's paper, tear off the part with your comments?

Failing both things, I think I'd take down the sign and put up a new one with the original message.

I think that for someone to only put a notice after lunctime and then throw the food out before 4 deserves some kind of note.

Usually, when I worked in an office setting, a note was always on the fridge stating fridge would be cleaned out each Friday.

I am not sure what you wrote, but I might take said note down and put up a new one, "whoever cleaned out fridge, note was not on fridge when I put my lunch in.  It would have been nice to have been warned before I put my lunch in which was after 1pm.  "

But, as someone who could not stand our fridge, I was the one who cleaned it out.  AFter a while, you realize you will never please everyone.  People would leave our fridge disgusting and the kitchen sink.  I got tired of doing it all the time jsut because I thought it was gross, so I stopped.   And people did not care.  They just cleaned their dish when they needed it, etc.  Yuck.


--- Quote from: jeni on January 18, 2013, 04:56:09 AM --- My comments weren't abusive, no swear words or anything like that but they certainly express my unhappiness.

--- End quote ---
It is not rude to politely express unhappiness. Especially not if your food has just been tossed due to someone's poor planning.
If your comment was something like "Please warn us a bit earlier next time", then I think that is fine. You could go talk to the person responsible for it and explain to them that more notice for the cleaning of the fridge would be helpful.

I would at least comment to someone that they absolutely must give more notice before they start throwing things away. If the sign goes up after 1 p.m. saying all food must be removed or labeled by 4 p.m., that doesn't give everybody an opportunity to even see it. In my workplace,signs like that usually go up at least a day or two before cleanout.


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