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Cleaning out the office fridge aka 'you tossed out my food!'

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Can you put up a note of your own asking for 24 hour notice?  Something about asking for enough notice so that people who are stuck in four or five hour meetings get a chance to see the notice about the fridge is being cleaned the next day, so they know to label their leftovers from that day's that they are planning on eating for dinner after the meeting? 

Because three hours of notice doesn't do any good to anyone who is in a meeting from before the notice is posted until after the cleaning has been completed.....


--- Quote from: jeni on January 18, 2013, 04:56:09 AM ---So my dilemma, do I remove the fridge notice with my cranky comments, or leave it?  If I remove it, other people who have had their food thrown away won't know what's happened.  But if I leave it, I might upset someone who was probably well intentioned (if a little thoughtless IMHO). 

Your thoughts?
--- End quote ---

I think I'm not sure why you'd take it down. So what if someone might get upset? Someone did the wrong thing and needs to know it was wrong.

I would ask for a stated policy so this doesn't happen again.  At my office, the stated policy is that all food must be labeled and the refridgerater is cleaned out every Friday at 4:00.  There is a marker on the side of the fridge to label food.  See if your office will do something similar.  It solves a lot of issues.

Redneck Gravy:
A three hour notice seems less than satisfactory to you...say so, you don't have to be rude about it - but three hours does seem ridiculous to me too.

I used to put a note up on Monday that I would be cleaning out the fridge on Friday afternoon.  Five days is more than sufficient and unless someone moved it to the top shelf it was outta there on Friday.  (the top shelf was designated for clean out days, I am not trying to read someone else's bad handwriting)

We get several days notice before the refrigerators are cleaned out. Which makes sense because most people only go into the lunch room for lunch and they may not go in every day.  I think you should contact whoever is in charge of the refrigerators and ask that they give 48 or 72 hours notice before throwing things away.  Three hours notice is not enough, especially considering that most people wouldn't go back into the lunch room between lunch and the end of the day.


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