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Beandipping dead baby stories

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"He didn't tell me what happened until now, as he didn't want to trigger me, and I thank him for that judgement. But really, who tells such stories to new parents??"

The same people who tell stories about miscarriages and babies born with deformities to pregnant people. It's hard to believe, but some of these people aren't being deliberately hurtful, sometimes it's just cluelessness. In the case of your SIL, it's probably wrapped up in her own issues of not getting pregnant. Now that you know, you can be prepared to bean dip if she brings this type of thing up again.
Congrats on the new baby.

First of all, big CONGRATS on you new little one!  My baby boy will be 1 year old tomorrow and I can't believe how quickly the year has flown by!

I like to think that I am normally a kind and considerate person, but this weekend, I did something similar to this and I am so mortified.  My sister and I were visiting an very close elderly friend who just had his cancer operated on.  He's doing really well, all things considered but still, cancer is such a scary thing.  During the visit, he asked after another mutual friend of ours and I told him what was going on with her.  Including that her mother has cancer and they operated on her and thought it was gone but they just found out that its back again.  I actually said this to a man who JUST had a cancer operation.  Luckily his wife arrived home just then and the conversation went in a different direction so I didn't have a chance to put my foot even further down my throat.  It didnt' dawn on me until later what I had done and how inappropriate it was.  I still feel terrible about it.   :-[


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