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What is an acceptable time to call someone in the morning?

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I don't know that there's a set time.  I'm up at 5am everyday (even weekends), and most people that know me well, know this.  So, getting a call at 8am is not an issue.  For someone that I don't know well enough to know when they'd be up and ready for a conversation, I probably wouldn't even try before 9:30 or 10am unless I had arranged with them to call earlier.   Emergency calls are the exception of course.

I too think you were too nice to this woman.  You should have told her it was too early and that you couldn't talk. 

I would've told her I was asleep, said "good-bye" and then hung up the phone.

It would depend how well I knew the person.  If a casual call and I didn't know them, I'd wait until after noon.  They could be sick and trying to sleep.  Of course I also turn off the ringer on the phone in my bedroom and only take calls on my cell, and people who have that number know that if they call that number while I'm sleeping and there isn't someone bleeding, I will be very angry. :)

I agree that 9am is the cut-off point. I think that you would have been fine to say, "I'm sorry, but this is not a good time to talk." No reason to let her continue on, especially when you don't care to have her in your life.

rose red:
I usually don't call before 9:30am unless it's an emergency.  Next time, you can say "Now is not a good time for me to talk.  Is there anything you need that can't wait?"


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