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What is an acceptable time to call someone in the morning?

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--- Quote from: CakeEater on January 19, 2013, 01:37:59 AM ---I'm a bit surprised by the general consensus on 9-9. I would have said 8-8. I don't think 8am is really that early for a weekday, and I wouldn't call someone after 8pm except in emergency.

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Well people are different :P for example I'm kind of opposite from you.
8 in the morning is, for me, completely unacceptable and would be met with a (polite) explanation that I do not take calls at that hour unless it's an emergency.

After 20 in the evening I usually still have enough energy to talk to someone who wants it as long as they aren't demanding my attention for a long time - and I'm fine with texts at any time of the clock be it dinnertime or 2 in the morning, because I can answer those at my own convenience.

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Yes. Yes they are.

Which was one of the reasons I was surprised by the consensus earlier in the thread.


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