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Emerald! Exciting, Exotic, Emerald!

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Emerald is 2013's "Color of the Year" ( as elected by Pantone: http://www.pantone.com/pages/index.aspx?pg=21055&from=hp ).

I am so excited. I love this color, along with mint green, and it has consistently been the hardest color in home decor to find. Unfortunately, it is still hard to find. I am a very good online researcher but finding bath accessories, towels and rugs as well as furnishings (wall art, lamps or lampshades, rugs, vases, etc.) for the living and bedroom areas in either emerald or mint green is still ... tough. I did find a lovely handmade soap dish on etsy as well as a Murano vase and photograph of a Venice canal that I will frame,  and a vase from Waterford that may be beyond my price range, but other than that I am not having much luck.

I don't want a one-color home so basics will stay neutral, but I would love to know if anyone here is seeing emerald or mint green home-based items. If so, can you tell me where you are seeing them. I would be most appreciative. 

Lots of green home decor items at Novica - http://www.novica.com/ . You can filter results by color.

Oooh, thank you! Off to look now.

I just remembered, The Company Store is a good source for textiles - http://www.thecompanystore.com/ . The store also has some furniture, tables, poufs, etc. You can filter each category by color. I just gave it a try and got a lot of hits for green items.

I wouldn't mind hanging that dress in my closet. 



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