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Emerald! Exciting, Exotic, Emerald!

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I'll check out the Company Store, thank you. They have great stuff, but on my last check there I didn't find any shade of green I liked. I'll try again, though.

Oooh, that gown! If only I could (1) afford it, (2) be the right size for it, and (3) have a place to wear it, it would be perfect! Did you notice they have 17 images there for things? Several like the silk fabric and wallpaper are to die for. I also love, love, love the silverware: http://www.vietri.com/store/CategoryDisplay.cfm?cat=2956&cid=251&CFID=6332603&CFTOKEN=eb91ef70db501d25-BFA1B68E-BAE5-4C1D-8A9C38090F2808C6

Want to see what I bought on etsy?
The dish: The glass appears somewhat milky here, but it's not. It's the deepest, richest emerald color imaginable: http://img2.etsystatic.com/006/0/5780501/il_fullxfull.373083594_nl6j.jpg

The vase: http://img3.etsystatic.com/004/0/6426208/il_fullxfull.394576215_7o8p.jpg

The picture: http://img2.etsystatic.com/000/0/6280846/il_fullxfull.306480890.jpg

The vase will go on the antique oval table I have near the front door, the picture on the wall next to it.

Please continue to post ideas or pictures of things you have. I feel like a kid who has been turned loose in a candy store with all her favorites and told they have been made Candy of the Year. 

Those are such beautiful pieces!  You have exquisite taste, amara. 
About that wonderful dress...I wonder if you could make it into curtains for you living room...sort of a reverse of what
Scarlet O'Hara did with her curtains, making them into a gown.   :)

lampsplus.com and Lamps Plus on FB

Thank you, Bijou. I don't mean to boast; I am just so excited.

Audrey, thank you. I am off to check them now.

The Washington Post did an article about Emerald Green:


The photo gallery has examples; however, not all of them are true emerald:



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