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Leaving the bathroom door open.

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My fiancee and I are renting part of a house from a (female)friend of hers. We just moved in two days ago. They have known each other for years. We just met, however. Earlier, I was in the bedroom and owner casually went into the bathroom right down the hall, and used it...leaving the door open. I felt a little awkward. What if I had needed to pass by? We are renting the downstairs but have full house-sharing privileges and are temporarily staying upstairs while our area is being painted. We all get along wonderfully and the arrangement is very casual. Is this little detail just something I should ignore? Wave and smile as I walk by?

Probably a habit friend picked up from living alone.  Ideally, your Fiancee should say something to her friend upon experiencing the open door herself.  That may also save face for the friend as she may not know that you saw her with the open door.

In the meantime, should you happen upon the open door again, put yours hand to your eyes while exclaiming "Excuse me!  I'll wait until you're finished." then go back the way you came.  when she leaves the bathroom, then go about your business. 

cough, cough .... I'd let her know if makes you uncomfortable then work together to find a solution

(that being said - I couldn't live with someone who left the door open while they "did their business" )

I had a roommate once who did that. I simply asked her if she could shut the door as it made me very uncomfortable. She said sure. Problem solved.

Isisnin is right.  If your housemate is used to living alone, she probably doesn't even realize that what she's doing makes you uncomfortable. 

A simple and quiet mention should be enough to fix the situation to everyone's satisfaction. 


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