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No, I am not "faking" an injury

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Ugh, how frustrating.  Is there someone else around to give them the service you can't?  If so it's extra bizarre that they're making these comments.  If there isn't, do you think they're upset about not getting the full service they're used to?  Perhaps talking to your boss about another way to get customers stock from the back and the other things they need would help?

I would be tempted to say something like "Wow, thanks so much for your compassion".
But that would be neither etiquette-approved nor wise in a environment with customers.
Maybe "What an interesting assumption"?

How well do you get along with your boss? Can you ask your boss for suggestions on how to deal with these people?

If I were your boss, I would be hopping mad at the customers who say such things.

Anyway, the best I can think of, if you don't want to ruffle more feathers with them, is to just look at them as if they've grown two heads. I wouldn't even have to act it if I were in that situation, I would be baffled! Who says such things?

I would try to joke it off at first, and say something like, "Wow, I had to bring my boss a doctor's note - didn't realize I needed one for customers, too!" but in a jesting tone with a smile.

But that might not be taken well, if they are serious and complaining about you.

Honestly, I would probably follow what cicero said if the joking wouldn't work in this situation.

Thank you for all the replies! (also WOOHOO 100 posts!)

My boss is behind me 100%, and she has spoken to the people who have complained directly, telling them that she wasn't aware they were surgeons and thanking them for their medical opinions.

Because this is such a small community, I see these people every day whether I am working or not. Joking back is risky because there are a few people in town to take great offense at my being appointed a supervisor in "their" town, as I am new-ish here. I am also a different ethnic background from 85% of the town, and this has been a factor before. Many of the same customers who complain that I am lazy have also addressed me as *ethnicity*-girl. So to avoid starting any arguments, I think I will continue with complete silence, and the occasional "how kind of you to take an interest". I just hope I can pull it off without coming across as aggressive.

"Boss is aware of my injury and supports my recovery but I'll be happy to page him/her if you'd like to make a complaint." Then reach for the phone with a "Shall I?"

Nine times out of ten they're going to back down (although probably still be a jerk about it) and not bring it up again. That tenth person can get set straight by the boss.


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