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Duplicate Gift - Offer to take back?

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I gave someone a Christmas gift and as it turns out, they had just recently purchased the same item for themselves. Am I supposed to offer to take it back/exchange it? I can't actually return it, so I would be stuck with it. I can buy another similar item for around the same price I paid, but it's not going to be as nice because I got a huge discount the first time and now I won't.

In case anyone is wondering, we exchanged Christmas gifts very late this year.

Just to clarify - you gave a gift, then the person told you they already had that item?  I don't think you need to do anything.  You gave them a gift you thought they would like (and were right about that!).  Maybe they can use two or save one for later.

No you are not obligated to take it back or offer anything (and if they pointed out they had a second of the item, as opposed to you finding out by accident, that is kind of rude in itself).

They didn't tell me they already had the item. Before we opened presents they were showing me these seasonal glass collectibles they had just purchased a few weeks ago. The one they showed me was the same one I had bought them as a gift. I didn't know what to do, so I didn't say anything. When they opened their presents, they realized what happened. Then a little later they offered to give me the one they had bought for themself, but I had bought one for me too. But we can't take it back.

No, you don't need to offer to take it back or buy them something else.  You bought them a gift you knew they would enjoy.  It just so happened that they already had it.  This happens sometimes, many times the giver never knows.


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