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Forgetting someone's birthday . . .

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--- Quote ---. . . Is there a polite way to say "I'm sorry, I forgot?"

--- End quote ---

That's polite.  Just tell her you're sorry and do something special for her.  Don't go on and on with an explanation or excuses.


--- Quote from: jpcher on January 19, 2013, 04:54:08 PM ---. . . Is there a polite way to say "I'm sorry, I forgot?"

I called my mother yesterday evening just because I wanted to talk to her. (I usually call her once a week or so, or she'll call me.) We had a nice chat, got caught up with news on everybody's lives, etc. Our usual chat.

I, just now, looked at the calendar. Yesterday was my mother's birthday.

I did not say/sing Happy Birthday to her.

I feel like such a heel.

Is there a polite way to say "I totally cheesed when I talked to you. By the way, Happy Birthday?"

--- End quote ---

Isn't that just what you would say? I'm very sorry, I forgot?

gramma dishes:
Well, actually you did (if I'm reading the story correctly) call her on the right day.  It was her birthday. 

I'd call her back all embarrassed (which would be real, not at all fake) and say, "Oh, Mom.  I'm so sorry that yesterday when I called you I forgot to atually wish you Happy Birthday!"

That would imply that you knew when you called;  you just forgot to say the words.  Not totally truthful, but not totally a fib either.  I think she'd rather hear that than "Duh.  I totally forgot yesterday was your birthday."

Hmmmm....GD has a good point, too.

Go with Gramma!


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