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Author Topic: S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?  (Read 63350 times)

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Apple.  I know a lot of people hate them, but they've been awesome to me.  I replaced all our phones when I switched carriers on November 29th.  In the chaos that was the Christmas season, I forgot to put Apple Care on them.  Well, of course, on Day 32, my youngest son brings me a completely dead phone.  I try to do some troubleshooting, but can't get anywhere.  I go online to Apple's chat support and they try to walk me through a few things, but the phone is too far gone.  They schedule an appointment at the Apple Store for the next day.  So, I go in, and the tech there tries to troubleshoot, but has the same results I did.  Inspecting the phone a little bit more closely, he discovers that my child has actually managed to *bend* his phone.

Now, since I hadn't put Apple Care on the phones, I should have been out the cost of a phone. I just sighed and asked with a pretty deflated tone, "So what are my options?"  The tech just smiled, went to the back and grabbed a replacement phone, bought it back out and said "how will this work?"  He replaced the phone at no cost to me, then went one step further.  He saw on my profile that I own a MacBook Air, an iPad, and had previously had 5 other iPhones all covered with Apple Care, and asked if I wanted to purchase Apple Care for these phones, and that he'd make an exception to the time limit if I did.  Of course I did!  Yay!!!!!

The tech didn't have to do any of that.  The place was wall to wall people.  Honestly, it was less busy on the day of the iPhone 6 release.  It took him a lot of time to go out of his way to help me fix two problems that were really the result of my own stupidity.  I've always had good experiences with their customer service, but this one really was amazing.
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I tried many other types of music players, but only the iPod is well supported, has reasonably easy to use software, and has the other features I like.
In 2005, I won a $50 gift card to Best Buy and I bought my first iPod there, a Mini, and had music on it within an hour.
I replaced the battery myself, but when the hard drive (an actual disc) went, I didn't have a choice. I bought an iPod Nano in 2010, a red one. I loved it.

I lost it over Christmas break, 2013. So, for my birthday in 2014, I replaced it with the 7th generation Nano in purple.

Over this past Christmas break, I had issues with the iPod skipping songs or stopping at 2 minutes into a song and made an appointment to have it checked. The tech hooked it up, saw it had 21 days left on the warranty and replaced it. Within 10 minutes of the appointment.