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Proud kitchen moments, anyone? .

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I'm such a good cook...sometimes, that is.
Today I made a shredded cabbage, miniature carrot and sliced and browned kielbasa sausage soup with caramelized onion and garlic.  I used a boxed low sodium chicken stock (the kind you can keep on the shelf until you open it).  When I tasted the completed soup I exclaimed, "Gee, I'm a good cook!"  My husband laughed.  I don't blame him, because although I used to be a very good cook I just hate cooking anymore for lack of energy so I just throw things together and mostly they are just passable. 

I recently made a pan of baklava.  It tasted great, and I was so proud of myself.  I am a decent cook, but I a not much of a baker/dessert maker.

I made my very first loaf of artisan bread and it came out exactly like the picture in the book, and tasted FANTASTIC. The loaf was gone the same night I made it!

I have (after years and years of failure) learned to make a decent pie crust.  Yay. 
And a decent pizza crust.  Double yay.

I am a decent cook, but not good with baked goods.  So any success leads me to doing the happy dance.

Outdoor Girl:
My Mom passed away 9 years ago in September.  She made fantastic pastry.  I'd watched her make it and I had her recipe but I've never been able to make it work.  This year, I managed to make it where it works really well for pie crust - easy to roll out, doesn't split when I try to put it in the plate.

It still isn't working 100% for our mincemeat rolls - they split when we bake them - but it is a vast improvement from every other time I've made it.  I've had to modify her technique to make it work but I'm getting there!

(I have the complete opposite problem of most people making pastry.  Rather than being too tough, it is too tender.  Tastes great and melts in your mouth but it falls apart.  And is a bugger to roll and get in the pie plate.  At least I can do that part, now!)


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