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Proud kitchen moments, anyone? .

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That sounds so yummy Bijou, please share the recipe.

Lately I've learned how to deal with ganache and cakes.  Not that big of a deal, but the stuff is so-ooooo good. 

Lately the favorite birthday cake for several in my family is a vanilla sponge cake baked in 3 layers, with milk chocolate filling and dark chocolate ganache poured over the top. 

My first pumpkin cake roll.  And I find, to my surprise, I make spectacular ghee. :)

My cheesecakes.  They've been compared favorably, and preferred to Cheesecake Factory, though my favorite complement was something else.  A good friend of mine has a mother that's a phenomenal cook.  She's particularly well known for her pumpkin cheesecake.  One day I brought my own pumpkin cheesecake to share with this friend and several others.  My friend begrudgingly admitted that mine was better than mom's. Win!

Tamales! I made everything, including the masa dough, from scratch. So delicious!

Those all sound so good!

I made pizza while DS1 and DS2 (and his girlfriend) were here for winter break.  I used canned sauce (organic, so not too ashamed) but made the dough from scratch and hand grated the mozzarella.  Everyone was very pleased. 

Wouldn't an eHell potluck be phenomenal?


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