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Proud kitchen moments, anyone? .

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I recently made steamed pork buns for Boyfriend. Because they took so long to make (my steamer only fit a couple in at a time, so it took nearly all day) I told Boyfriend that if he wanted these on a regular basis he was buying me an electric steamer. He took one bite, and said 'Well I guess I'm buying you an electric steamer then'.

I have also, finally, figured out how to make the perfect soft boiled egg and have toast, eggs and tea ready at the same time.

This past week I baked chocolate macarons for the first time ever and they all turned out beautifully - no cracks on top and with the little "feet." I ran into a bit of a problem with the Mexican chocolate ganache when the chocolate split on me but I was thankfully about to save it and had enough to make truffles.

DH bought me a Kitchenaid mixer today! Shiny red, on sale from Target + 5% off. I am so excited!

You're going to LOVE it, ladyknight!! I have a red KA too, and I absolutely adore it. :)

It was so funny, DH grabbed the last red one, went and told our pharmacist, who grabbed the last pink one! His wife had wanted one for years too!


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