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Wanted: Amazing cake recipe

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I bake a fair bit. I do pretty cupcakes too, with homemade decorations.

I belong to a sporting club where ladies have cake afterwards. I'm attending again next weekend and I want to put up a good showing. My lemon drizzle cupcakes, which have earned me two proposals of marriage, did not win! So I need to do better.

Do any of you have a recipe that is a truly amazing cake that you would be kind enough to share with me please? Not chocolate, as several other people are doing chocolate already.

Thank you!

I have not made these, but I've had them bookmarked for some time and there are a lot of positive comments to the post, so I think chances are good the recipe is reliable.

I havent' made these but I saw it on a Martha stewert episode and they looked yum:

of course, my impression may have been slightly tainted by the fact that i was working out at the gym while watching this episode, and by that point i would've gladly eaten a paper plate covered with fake icing, but still they looked nice. i love all things lemon.

how about a pistachio/chocolate mousse cake? I can give you the recipe in french if that will help. here's a link to the recipe in french and hebrew to give you an idea of how it looks. if you want, i'll translate it for you later on.


This is utterly wonderful. I have shared this recipe with various other hen keepers when they have a lot of eggs to use up, and it never fails to amaze. It is like eating orange air.

I reduce the amount of oil by 1/3, and if I don't have an orange I use 2 tbsp of orange extract instead of the zest.

I have also made it with gluten-free flour, and it works 95% as well, since all of the structure is provided by the eggs.

I must admit a weakness for these


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