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Author Topic: S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters  (Read 136356 times)

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Copper Horsewoman

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Re: S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters
« Reply #390 on: December 26, 2014, 02:55:58 PM »

Then there was putting rolls to heat up in the microwave on a plate from my mom's special china - - that had gold leaf as decoration on the dishes.  Dove for the door-open switch as soon as the sparks started.

That is all I'm remembering right now.

Not mine, but a business associate of mine, years ago.  He is Austrian, and very formal/old school.  His wife is American,and at the time they had young children.  In their house, the children were fed at one dinnertime, say around 5ish, and when they went to bed at 8, the parents would have dinner about 8:30.  End B/G.
Hans and Sue were at dinner, when he gets a business phone call, which he takes.  Then, Sue is called away from the table by one of the kids, and goes off to see to them. Hans finishes his call, and hen he got back to the table, Sue is still away from the table. He is a complete non-starter in the kitchen, but he has seen Sue warm up the children's meals on a plate in the microwave, so he figures how hard is that? He puts his plate into the microwave and starts it. SPARKS! NOISE! Hans is about to open the microwave when Sue runs into the kitchen, knocking him out of the way and pulling the plug. The children's dinnerware is plain stoneware.  The adults eat from Pickard (heavily gold-rimmed) china, and you can guess the rest.  The lamb chop bone had welded itself to the plate.


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Re: S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters
« Reply #391 on: December 26, 2014, 03:22:01 PM »
Adding confectioner's sugar to the gravy thinking it was cornstarch-noticed gravy wouldn't thicken and it tasted weird. DH insisted it was still good. Now I always get Argo cornstarch in the dispenser and gravy has been good since then!


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Re: S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters
« Reply #392 on: December 26, 2014, 06:14:09 PM »
I'm supposed to be an experienced cook - at least for packaged stuff.

I got up this morning to get breakfast ready for our sleep-over guests. All the other items were ready to go, but I like to make fresh muffins from the mix. Whipped those babies up and turned the oven up too high. Lucas nicely warned everyone that they were Cookie-Shelled muffins. A surprising amount were eaten.

Last night we had a borderline number of guests: 14. So we had a 10 lb spiral ham, lasagna for 12, cheesy potatoes for 12, plenty of green beans with butter (preferred in this group), Caesar salad, and corn muffins. It is the first time ever that I didn't have leftovers of lasagna and cheesy potatoes. I am so embarrassed. No one went hungry, but still it broke my 55 year old  streak of over enough food.

I had too many brownies. What will happen if I put iced/frosted brownies in the freeze


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Re: S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters
« Reply #393 on: December 26, 2014, 06:32:14 PM »
I thought for sure I had posted this here, but apparently not.

I grabbed a container of beef stock out of the freezer and thawed it in the microwave just enough so I could slip it out and dump it into the beef stew I was making.

You know how home made stock can turn cloudy if you let it come to a rolling boil and then don't filter it? Well, if you don't add lemon juice to persimmon puree, it turns brown after a while and looks just like that stock.

Then there was the bottle of molasses that fermented during a hot spell and exploded all over a cupboard. It was on the top shelf,so the molasses was able to drip down onto the lower shelves as well.

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Re: S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters
« Reply #394 on: December 26, 2014, 07:24:46 PM »
'The lamb chop bone had welded itself to the plate.'

There's gotta be some kind of prize for that. ;D


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Re: S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters
« Reply #395 on: December 26, 2014, 08:56:26 PM »

I had too many brownies. What will happen if I put iced/frosted brownies in the freeze

As long as you wrap them well and don't leave them there too long, they will still be yummy.
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Re: S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters
« Reply #396 on: January 02, 2015, 10:05:35 AM »
Oh, I have a good one.

When I first moved out on my own, I didn't have a lot of cooking appliances, and I slowly bought them as I made money/found enough recipes that would justify buying various things. I finally bought a blender because I'd found several soup recipes that required pureeing. Up until they, the only experience I had with a blender was my parent's blender. For that blender, when you wanted to remove the glass blender jar from the base, you would turn the blender jar to the right, and then lift off.

So I cooked my soup first (a lovely squash soup), all the veggie ingredients cut into large chunks in the broth, let it cool, fished out the spice bag, then dumped a blender-full into the blender to puree. As I'm pureeing the soup, my cat comes to have a bite to eat. Her bowl is right next to the table that the blender was on. I finish blending, and go to remove the blender jar from the base, so I can dump my pureed soup into a big pot, and puree the next batch. As I'm so used to using my parent's blender, I automatically do what I'd have done with theirs: turn the jar to the right, then lift.

Turns out, this blender jar can just be lifted right off. Turning it to the right unscrewed the glass part of the jar from the bladed bottom of the jar.

When I lifted the jar, all the soup came out of the bottom. And landed on my lower legs & feet. And all over my cat.

Said cat (amazingly) did not run off. She looks up at me, pureed squash soup dripping off of her whole body, and head, and she just has the most amazed look of "what on earth is WRONG with you?!?!?!?!"

We spent the next hour or so in the bathtub together. I did a lot of apologizing. She did a lot of looking offended and meowing in an outraged manner.

I became much more careful about being sure that I knew EXACTLY how to use my kitchen tools after that.
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