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S/O Proud kitchen moments -- Kitchen disasters

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I've done the blow up pan too.  Mine was with crème brûlée.  For months I kept finding little bits of glass in my kitchen.

One thing I tried and failed: ravioli.  I couldn't flatten my dough enough and I made some awfully doughy ravioli with only very little filling inside.  That was gross. 

Once, my ex went to get the groceries and he brought back Swiss steak.  I looked online how to make it and it said to braise it.  It turned out very hard and chewy.

My worst disaster however was last year, when my freezer that was full of food came unplugged in the summer and I didn't notice until a few days later because of the smell.  I had to throw away so much food.  :'(  I also had a hard time getting the stink out of my freezer, despite lots of baking soda.

--- Quote from: mmswm on January 20, 2013, 04:10:41 PM ---So here are a few of my favorites...

I once blew up a pyrex pan while baking chicken.  And by "blow up" I mean 10 thousand little pieces that also managed to break the glass window in the oven.

--- End quote ---

That might not have been your doing. There are many reports of the newer Pyrex baking dishes exploding. Did you report that to the CPSC?


Not my story, but my favorite of my mom's: When she was newly married, she decided to make rice pudding. She was upset because it came out so runny, but my dad dutifully ate what his new bride gave him. A few months later, someone at work was talking about her rice pudding recipe. She said, "And then you bake it at--" Mom interrupted, "You bake it?"

Yup, she served my dad raw rice pudding. :)

And he ate it!

You don't have to bake rice pudding.


Finished putting the last of the ingredients for a crock of homemade chili into the pot. Turned to grab the glass lid and put it on -- clipped the edge of the lid on the edge of the crock and the lid shattered into a million shards of glass. Half of them went into the crock all over the food, the rest went into the stovetop and onto the floor. I had to throw out the food, obviously, and spend ages cleaning up broken glass, and I was so mad that I'd ruined dinner with one careless move.


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