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Thank you note error?

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gramma dishes:
Yes, congratulations by all means!

Now ... breathe!   ;D


--- Quote from: yokozbornak on January 22, 2013, 08:19:40 AM ---As someone who worked in temp staffing for several years, I want to differ a bit.  In a normal interviewing situation, I wholeheartedly recommend that people send a thank-you note, but when there is a third party involved in blurs the line a bit.  Is this a temp-to-perm situation or is it a direct placement with the company?  I do think it makes a difference especially if the agency is going to be paying your salary for a while.

Going by the response of the person who received the note, I do think you overstepped a bit by sending a card directly to the company.  I would contact the person at the recruiter at the agency and explain what happened.  I don't think it's a major deal, but like I said, sometimes the lines are blurry in this situation.  Some employers were very much against having too much contact with temporary employees because of potential legal issues.

--- End quote ---

I worked in the same industry and agree with you 100%.  It is not proper protocol to contact the potential employer.    This is why they go thru an agency. 


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