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How often to get together?

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My husband and I are in a situation of being fairly new to our area. Because of the nature of his job, (minister)we always have had sort of a built in social life. At the present he is not in full time ministry but is filling in at a church about 45 miles from us. Since it is not permanent we won't be moving there. And because of the distance probably wont be socializing with them.

We are now in the position of having to make new friends, fill our own social calendar. We met a couple that we seem to really get along with. They invited us over right after Christmas, we had them over a couple of weeks ago.

My question is, how often do you invite people over? Do I wait for them to invite us again? We'd like to have them over , but don't want to seem over anxious.

I would just ask - it doesn't hurt.   You don't need to wait for them to reciprocate first.

I'd think a lot depends on how the evening ended, what was said about getting together again, and who said it.

With people who are brand new, I'd personally wait to see if it's reciprocated.  It's certainly not wrong to invite them again, but for me, the friendship wouldn't be at the point yet where this stuff doesn't matter.  I'd want to be sure the interest was mutual.

I think that maybe you should spread your wings a bit more.

Invite a different couple over and see what happens with them.

Instead of having them over again, twice in a row, why not suggest an outing? Go out to dinner and a show or something like that. Tell them you're new to the area and don't know many people (you probably already have) and see if they'd like to invite another couple. Meeting people through other people is one of the best ways to expand your social circle.


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