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Facebook photos


Can anyone more Facebook savvy explain this to me please?  I have one of my albums set to "Friends and Friends of Anyone Tagged", or at least that's how it shows up to me (I had to do some prodding to get the option because it was an old album and it seems Facebook doesn't apply changes to old photo albums).  When I log in as DH, who is tagged, view his profile as one of his friends, the photos don't show up.  Anyone got any idea why?

Sounds like your settings are correct for what you intended. However, I would check to see what his settings are. Not 100% on that, but that may be part of the problem. HTH.  :)

Photos of him tagged by other people show up, and the photos show up for mutual friends of ours, just not people who are only his friends. Part of the thing that confuses me is when I hover over the privacy setting it says "Snooks' friends and anyone tagged", rather than "and friends of anyone tagged"

I would download and then upload the photo to a new album and see if you can then set the tagging to what you intended.

I was hoping to avoid that as there are comments on some of the photos :(


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