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Phone problems at work

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Yesterday, I got a call from a customer. Finding my phone was at an awkward distance, I picked it up to move it ... and somehow dislodged the cord, cutting off the call.

I hoped the customer would call back, but he never did.

I was wondering, if you were talking to a business, and heard, "Just a second, and I'll ....", would you assume you had been hung up on? Or would you think it was most likely a malfunction, and call back? I hate feeling that he thought I was rude, but these things happen, and there is no way I can contact him back from my end.

I'd assume to cord broke or fell out, then call back.

I would assume it was a malfunction.

That said, there may be reasons he didn't call back. Could he have solved the problem himself based on the info you'd already given him? Does your workplace have an arduous phone tree before a caller can even reach you? Does he have your actual direct number, or did he get transferred to you from a central line, and maybe when he called back they sent him to someone else?

It may be that he just doesn't need help anymore or that he's been unable to reconnect with you through your workplace's phone system or that he decided it wasn't worth the bother.

I would assume malfunction and call back "somehow we got disconnected" and go from there. Perhaps customer was able to solve the issue themselves or talked to someone else?

Unfortunately, he was asking about purchasing something, so its not like he could have simply answered his own question.

I hope he called back and, however he got to me, took a different route and got someone else. Because although I don't normally deal with purchasing, I could have found the right person for him to talk to, if I'd had long enough.

I guess its one of those things where you feel rude, but can't do anything about it.  :-\


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