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Phone problems at work

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I used to think it was tedious to deal with at first, but every time I called a specific business, they would have early in their greeting "In the case we get disconnected, do you have a contact number I can reach you at?" It was annoying until the time the phone service in the building I work at dropped all the calls briefly, and the representative called me back and we continued on.

If you don't take purchasing calls, or calls where you have to transfer, often perhaps you can work that saying into your conversation on the very rare chance it happens again?

Unless the person on the other end of a phone call makes it VERY clear that they're disconnecting abruptly, I'd never assume that being cut off abruptly is anything more than a phone system malfunction, and if I needed to continue speaking to the other party I'd call back.  I certainly can't consider such a malfunction rude, so you're off the hook (heh heh).


I would think something happened., LilacRosey

You know, I've been cut off, and simply called back. That's what gets me - this customer, and others when it happens, never call me back! I don't know if they just give up, or if they might get someone else next time, but it makes me feel embarrassed, even though I can't see what I can do if they don't call me back.

Twik, you shouldn't feel bad about losing a call through no fault of your own (or accidentally disconnecting).

If this were to happen to me (and it has) I would always assume a phone malfunction and call back.  If the caller didn't get you, there's the possibility he was connected to a different person.  If he were to get you again, you would only need to say "I apologize for the disconnect.".


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