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Fire departments and ambulances

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I'll agree that in the US, it just depends on the city/town/rural area where you live.  Where I live now, the EMS services are combined with the fire department and called "Fire Rescue". There are privately owned and hospital owned ambulance services that are used for point to point transfers, but if you call 911, you're getting fire rescue. Fire rescue also has the specialty services that might be required around here, such as underwater search and rescue and the venom response units (venomous snakes are a problem sometimes). Now that I think about it, both the city and county police also have urban search and rescue units as well, but those wouldn't be activated unless the situation was catastrophic.


--- Quote from: Katana_Geldar on February 20, 2013, 12:30:23 AM ---Ambulance and Fire and separate in Australia, you pay an ambulance levy if you use one but Heath insurance will cover a limited amount of ambulance services per year.

--- End quote ---

Not in Qld.  In Qld their ambulance is free as its covered under a separate tax they pay (I think connected to the water rates)

Well, in NSW then.

In the city my parents live in, EMS is part of the Police Department and dispatched through the 9-1-1 system.
I live in the next town over and EMS is private and is dispatched through the 9-1-1 system.
In our cases, EMS is not part of the Fire Dept., although, the firefighters do have basic emergency medical training.  Also, our fire departments are part paid/part volunteer meaning that the people who drive the fire trucks are paid and everyone else is volunteer.


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