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These came out of my head, based on things I’ve see (or heard of) people doing.  In fact, I committed one of these sins myself, more than once, and it cost me. :-[

I know there are more sins (or plain bonehead moves) than what I have listed, but please just choose one from this list of 6.  Confessions are welcome!  (We won’t tell.) ;)

Other than refusing to socialize, which I don't consider a sin at all, these are all "Professional Darwinism" in my book.

When I was a lot younger, I had two bosses (at two different jobs) I butted heads with.  The tension was bad, and instead of quietly finding another job (back when jobs were plentiful) and moving on, I stayed and fought a stressful war of wills.  Dumb. 

In one case I fought the battle (actually a cold war) for a couple of years and finally quit, in the other I was the first to go when it came time to cut the budget for the particular program I was working on. Sigh.  Live and learn.

I see sabotage is getting a lot of votes.  Yes, that can be ugly.  I know of a case where it was suspected an employee was going into the office after hours  :o and destroying someone’s files/projects, riffling thru their desk, planting things, etc.  This was before video surveillance and it was never proven, but would have made a good movie.

I chose "gossiping too much about coworkers" because I am currently in a situation at one of my jobs where my work environment is toxic because of the amount of gossip and trash talking happening.

I chose "too much time on personal business".  Not that it's something that can necessarily be calculated--if you can get your work done, it isn't too much time in my book. 

I've had coworkers who were doing literally a fraction of what I was doing in a given day because they spent so much time dealing with personal stuff.  My rule: personal phone calls should not be made within earshot of coworkers.  I don't even like scheduling appointments at my desk if other people can hear it.


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