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I think habitual tardiness and sabotaging another person are equally bad from a Professional Darwinism POV, but the later is the more cruel one, so that got my vote.

I think a lot depends on the particular climate you are working in.

I worked in a place where there was gossip and sabotaging going on - however , it was encouraged and sanctioned by the boss, so it didn't harm the actual gossiper and sabotageur's career - it harmed *my* career and i didn't do anything wrong. in *that* situation, in order to survive, you had to become one of them or leave.

and i know bosses that will fire someone for being habitually late - and others who dont' care as long as you get your work done.

I think that spending too much time on personal business combined with not socializing (if your particular company encourages socializing) are probably big no-nos.

I voted for the sabotage as being worst, as it is actively and intentionally harming others, whereas most of the rest are only going to harm the culprit.

I can see that refusing to socialise might be unwise, in terms of career progression, depending on the culture of a particular work place but I wouldn't see it as a 'sin' on a par with the others.

Obviously, the worst thing is to actively sabotage someone else - that's just malicious.

However, I have seen firsthand the damage that is done by the last selection - refusing to socialize. There are a couple of people in my department who never come to parties or out to lunch informally with their colleagues. We are always left wondering why. It doesn't seem to be personal - we work together just fine, and enjoy it. But these colleagues usually have some other 'cause' or 'group' that takes up much of their time and attention, and they end up neglecting what I would call their 'professional-social' responsibilities. (Note: I'm not talking about weekly parties - maybe one or two a semester.) Then they end up feeling isolated and left out, but it's totally of their own making! Further, they're always welcome to join back in! It's frustrating...

I chose spending too much time on personal business, because I have a boss who does as little as possible, and does ALL her personal stuff on work time. whether it be the multitude of phone calls each and every day, or the coming and going as she pleases, due to appts, errands etc. I'm convinced she doens't want to give up any of "her" time for this stuff, so she does it on "work" time.

And our head honcho is never here, and as long as she gives him what he wants, there are no consequences.


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