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BG: Twice per year my boss has to do employee evaluations. The time of the year that they are done is based on the time of year that the employee was hired. I won't get mine until later this summer. Three of my fellow coworkers for theirs yesterday.

Question: Two of my coworkers, Candy and Mandy, had their evaluations yesterday. After they were done, they sat there during work comparing how they rated on each item on the list. They weren't talking too loudly but loud enough that I could hear everything. They also speculated in a whisper about who they though should get fired.  I then heard Mandy say that she scored lower on one part of the evaluation because of some "dumb *female dog* who is too sensitive." Candy and Mandy then tried to get my other coworker, Rhonda, to reveal how she was rated. At first she didn't but then shared one score which was higher than both Candy and Mandy which created some animosity. Should I report what I heard to my boss (My coworkers admitted that they knew what they we doing was wrong but felt that they were indispensable and therefore nothing would happen to them ) or do I keep this to myself?

starry diadem:
I'm not at all sure why you think your Boss should know.  What you saw was silly behaviour that has a lot in common with school children comparing exam results ("I got 70% in algebra.  What did you get?").  Why would Boss care?  Does what they were talking about actively harm others?  Does it actively impact on their work or yours?

I'm also not at all sure how you could say anything to your Boss that didn't make you come over as gossipy and tittle-tattling.  It may make your co-workers look bad in his/her eyes, but almost certainly won't do you any favours either.

Personally, I'd leave well alone and make sure I kept my own evaluations private.

I would stay out of it but I would keep my distance from these two.

There might be contractual rules about not discussing remuniration or performance reviews with coworkers?

Stay out of it! No good can come of getting involved.


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