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To Tell or Not to Tell

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I think this is 100 percent know your audience.  I've been in Toots' position before, where I didn't care about evals or what was said, and didn't have time to worry about it.  I've also been in the complete opposite situation, where talking about evals was a hangin' offense, and I needed my best employee (and friend, which may or may not matter) to keep a pulse on these things.  If someone was committing what would have been, in this case, a major violation of policy, of course I'd want to be told, even if I chose not to act on it right off. 

I think a lot depends on how big a violation this is, because this seems to vary. Most important, though, is the the employee/boss relationship, and whether the boss relies on the employee for observing things like this.  In that case, I don't think it has to impact the employee directly - her loyalty is to the boss.


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Edited to add: In any case, Moray said the same thing I want to express, and more succinctly. This is just minor immature sniping.
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As is the bickering you and sharnita are involved in. Thread locked because the OP has decided to say nothing.


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