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To Tell or Not to Tell

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I don't see anything to be gained by being a tattletale.

I would say that you should tell boss the things that might affect work. Candy and Mandy talking to each other really doesn't affect antying , but coercing Rhonda and then getting annoyed might.

I might say "Boss, I just wanted to let you know that Candy and Mandy were discussing their evaluations with each other which is fine and not why I am here, but then they were coercing Rhonda into revealing her ratings and it seemed like there was some animosity because Rhonda's score was higher.  I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you see some issues between them."


--- Quote from: Amava on January 23, 2013, 02:25:20 AM ---I would stay out of it but I would keep my distance from these two.

--- End quote ---

This.  And let Rhonda take care of herself. 

In deciding whether to speak up, you should consider two things.  Firstly, how does their behavior affect you?  If you can't readily answer this, then you're almost always better off staying out of it.  The second is, what do you hope to achieve by speaking up?  If you don't have a clear directive for mentioning it, then you run the risk of gossiping or tattling.  Given that you weren't directly involved, I don't see many good answers to either of these questions so in your position I'd stay out of it.  If Rhonda was bothered by their behavior, then it's up to her to say so, and if not, it's not up to you to intervene unless any or all of them report directly to you.


Honestly, evaluations might be stressful enough without  these two asking for private info and planting the idea that people will get fired. It sounds like a hostile work environment to me and I would wonder if the employers are responsible for that.


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