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  • May 27, 2016, 03:41:58 AM

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Author Topic: I need your help with an unusual but tricky etiquette problem (long, sorry)  (Read 7017 times)

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Thank you all again, and especially you, Iggy.  Nice to hear from a fellow clergy spouse.   I hear you! 

Actually, I AM the older generation -- at 55, I am substantially older than all these b'nai mitzvah parents.  We have been at this congregation for almost 31 years.  in fact, my husband trained many of these parents for their own b'nai mitzvah.

So wouldn't you think that I would've found a solution years ago?  But I think this having a line on the response card for the kiddush is rather recent.  And anyway, back when we first got here, not only was there no Etiquette Hell site, there wasn't even an internet.  Or personal computers!