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Craft ideas?

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I'm looking for some crafts I could do with a 2 year old that are not that messy.  Basically, I don't want to do anything that involves glue, glitter or paint.  The only thing I can think of is stickers, and we've already done that to death.

So, any ideas?

String pony beads on colorful shoelaces.

These sites seem to have some good ideas:







cookie cutters and play dough

coloring sheets

leaf rubbings

make a craft paper cut out of her and let her decorate it


Tube sock snowman.  Carol Duvall showed it years ago, but HGTV has deleted the instuctions

This is what I found on the net

But Carol Duvall's were easier
1)  Start with an all-white tube sock.  Turn it inside out.  The toe of the sock is the bottom of the snowman.
2)  Give it a flat base, then weight it.  Carol Duval put a jar lid in the sock followed by a small baggie of raw rice.  When I made some I used a large, heavy washer from the hardware store.
3)  Stuff it - pollyfill, old nylons, anything that won't show through the sock.  Leave a thin spot for the neck.
4)  Seal the top of the head- tie with string or sew.
5)  Turn the top of the sock down for a hat
6)  Add facial features with a marker. 
7)  Tie a ribbon scarf around the neck.

For an older child features can be beads or buttons held on with glue.  Or go all out and embroider them on.


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