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Kind of a spin-off of reciprocal Facebook "liking", now there's a feature on LinkedIn where people can endorse you for various skills that you list on your profile.

I have not done a single endorsement.  I generally don't use the features of the site, just like I don't use FB features very often either - I'm maintaining a presence without active participation.  But I've received a number of endorsements.  I don't have a sense of whether anyone puts value on these endorsements, if they don't then it's no big deal.  But if they do...

I know I'm not obligated to endorse anyone if I don't feel they merit it, but what about cases where I know the people have these skills:  Is it rude not to reciprocate?  Or is it fine to continue to not participate?

(Someone I asked at work likened it to posting "Happy birthday" on someone's wall - it's nice to do, but if you start, you can't stop, and then you have to be really vigilant or someone may get left out and hurt feelings might follow).

I'm an active LinkedIn user and don't think it is rude to not reciprocate. Lots of people are very busy and don't like to spend time playing with all of the features on LinkedIn. However, if one of your connections sends you a message requesting an endorsement and you ignore it, then that would be rude.

There's no obligation to reciprocate even if you know a person has that particular skill. LinkedIn is a tool. You can useIuse it your way, and others use it their way. So long as you aren't actively harming a person's profile, you are fine.

I don't use that feature, but I've noticed a recent trend of people endorsing me who I barely know eg not those I have worked with, more peripheral business contacts.  That tells me everything I need to know about how meaningless that feature is!   I will not reciprocate and don't feel any obligation to do so, as essentially I would be lying - I have no idea of their strengths or quality of their work.

Even if I did know they had the skill? Well, so what really - its not my responsibility to be their CV or referee or sell their skillset.  Yes it might be nice (and if a friend asked me I'd consider doing it) but no way obligatory.

If you Endorse someone, you're putting your own reputation on the line regarding that person and the skill for which you endorsed them.

If I were to hire Jill based on Mike's endorsement of Skill X and it turns out that Jill is really not very good at Skill X, I wouldn't be as trusting of Mike's judgement in the future.

I don't use this feature at all.


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