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Is This Disrespectful?

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I was a spelling bee champion and I'm obsessed with spelling--I hate spelling things wrong; it drives me nuts. (Now that I've said that, I will invariably make a typo in this post, because such is the way of things.) And I have a name that is one letter off from the most familiar spelling. I've had to just let go of it over the years and realize that some people just can't spell, it's not connected to whatever part of their brain processes "respect" at all, and they don't mean anything by it. It's just like how I stink at doing math in my head. Some people just aren't good at remembering quirky spellings and their brain defaults to whatever is more familiar. All I can say is thank goodness for autofill, because it means all they have to do is start my first name and it'll fill in my correct email address even if they would have botched up my last name.

One of the more memorable cases I can remember is that when I was in college, my RA misspelled my name on the big name sign on my door. She was almost certainly looking at a sheet of paper with my correctly-spelled name on it when she lettered the sign.  ;D

All that said, you may well have some real grievances about the job and your irritation at this could be a symptom.

Have you addresses this with your coworkers and asked them to spell your name correctly? If not, I'd start there.

Some people don't have the spelling gene.  Or they take a name they know and fit in in best to something they do.
I have this issue too...say my name is Tracey but it is often spelled Tracy.
If they are coworkers I let them know it is Tracey.  If it is a client I correct it when I respond in email but do not say anything directly.

Evilbopper says spell their name wrong too and see if they notice.


--- Quote from: jmarvellous on January 24, 2013, 07:02:54 AM ---It really gets my goat that people who have to type in my email address regularly still can't be. bothered to spell my name right in the next line, but proper spelling just isn't a priority for many.

--- End quote ---

They might not be typing in your email address though. Most email programs these days have auto-complete. If I want to email my husband I just type in the first 2-3 letters and he pops up.

Or they might click "Reply" to an email you sent them - no typing required at all.

So I think it's making an interesting assumption to say that they can't be bothered to spell your name right or that proper spelling isn't a priority for them.

I understand that they use an auto-complete in many cases, but the spelling of my name is then *right there* in front of their faces. All company addresses are

At the very least they're just using a preconceived (and wrong) idea of how to spell my name. My spelling is common (and more common globally), it's just not the American female most common spelling.

I said I don't attribute it to malice, but I certainly can attribute it to not reall caring -- at least not enough to read it elsewhere.

With a name like Anny or any other nickname, I give even more leeway in terms of the thought process behind the error, but that doesn't mean the Annys of the world must forfeit their right to be annoyed.


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