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Purging hobby stash....moral support needed!

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The reality is, as much as I love all of my needleworking kits, I will never make them all.  I need the storage space they are currently occupying, so I need to do some purging.

Have you had to purge items you love but know you will never use?  How did you decide what goes and what stays?  What do you do with past hobby "remnants" when you move on to a new activity?? Some of my items are quite valuable, so I don't want to just donate them or give them away.

Thoughts or advice?  Share your experience?

Outdoor Girl:
I knit and crochet and have done some needlework, in the past.

When I was doing a purge, stuff I knew I would never use, I donated.  But I didn't have anything terribly expensive so it wasn't a big deal for me.  For my large stash of yarn, I started making patchwork afghans to use it all up.  It was a great travelling around project for doctor's offices and such because each individual square was only 7" X 7".  I only needed time and space once I was sewing all the squares together to make the afghan.

And then I started haunting kijiji (like Craigslist) to build my stash back up.   :-[  After last weekend, my stash is at least organized and I'm making hats to donate for various causes so I will use it back up.  Eventually.

So that's what I would suggest for selling the kits you'd like to see some money out of.  Take decent photos and post them in the hobbies and crafts portion of something like Craigslist and see if you can sell them.  Maybe make larger lots out of similarly themed kits?  So if you had 2 or 3 Hummel kits, put them together.

Purging of project/stash supplies which one acquired with great hopes and intentions is always hard!

When I realized a need to "let go" of some fabric I had bought on a great deal, but realized a good while later would no longer work with updated decor, I found it easier to send it along by thinking that it would possibly be just what someone else actively needed or wanted, and it was just a space eater for me now.

I donated, as I did not have a big monetary investment in the fabric, but for items which you want or need to purge which do have significant value, I would think eBay, Craigslist, or possibly etsy would be good options.  I've bought, but haven't sold so no direct experience to offer, but sending best wishes!

On how to decide, I say to myself:  "Today, I will purge XX number of items."  Usually, 10 will be the number.  So I go through everything and select 10 that are the "least" desirable/wanted.  Then I can say, "well, at least I got rid of something."

Basically, a little bit at a time.

Maybe a yard sale or booth rental at a flea market?  You could get some money back. 


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